Tree of Human Life
Illuminated Glass Mosaic   24" x 48" x 6"      $3800          Oak frame,        LED lighting

        This piece represents the genetic family tree of humanity, as determined by genetic science.
Genetics tells us that all humans on this planet, every last one,  is the descendant of one women, mtEve, who lived approximately 200,000- 150,000 BCE. There was a near extinction event for humanity, about 74,000 BCE.  There were other humans then, but her mitochondria is the one that survived.  Her mitochondria is in every last one of us. We share that, all of us.         Around the same approximate time,  Y Adam was born.  All men on this  planet carry his Y chromosome, unbroken.

 Inanna SideUnlit cast glass faceThe Tree of Human Life, an illuminated art glass mosaic, based on the genetic science of human evolutionIlluminated cast glass face in yellowBlue cast glass face
        Humanity  most likely evolved in the area of Ethiopia, then traveled in waves, out of the mother continent, and to the rest of the globe.  From the Arctilc Circle, to the   continents of Austrailia and the Americas., humanity spread out. We developed cultures  to suit our  geographic regions, with art,  architecture , pottery, and the developments  of society and governance.
And it all started in Africa.
        The red ribbon of Y Adam, who, along with mtEve, did not look like modern humans., winds around the tree,  with mtEve at the root, coming from Africa,  and her seven daughters, who ar e the clan mothers of us all,  to make  us who we are today.  Each little face in the tree, represents one  of Eve's daughters.
        Genetic science has shown us that race is  a myth,  that we are all 99.99% the same, with all human diversity  contained within  .01%.  We are all related, we are all  part of the same tree, inextricably.  We all fight over  silly things,  like religion, forgetting that we are all one family, the family of humanity.  No one is made of finer  stuff,  as we all have the same  DNA, from  distant ancestors who still live on,  in every one of us.

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