God's Dog; North American Polar Bear

Illuminated mosaic      NFS

123" x 48" x 80"

Life sized polar bear on an oak plank base
This piece was commissioned for the Doubletree Arctic Club hotel in Seattle, WA.
"God's Dog" is a name for the polar bear that is used by Native residents of the Arctic circle.
The polar bear is admired for intelligence, tenacity and for sheer ferociousness when hunting.
The polar bear is a species that is dealing with climate change, a challenge that this species may not be able to overcome. With this piece, the size and majesty of this animal confronts the viewer with that size.

This piece is illuminated with LED lights, as well as fiber optics in the claws of the bear. The lights can be dimmed, or the color changed, completely.

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God's Dog; North American Polar Bear