Mother Earth

31.5" x 16" x 6"     Illuminated mosaic hanging with natural wool felting                    Available for viewing at Art with a Heart Gallery, Seattle WA                  Sold                                          

This piece is a representation of the Ojibwa creation story. In this story Mother Earth's body is of water in the beginning.There is no land, so the animals try to dive down to get mud. Turtle volunteers to carry land on his back, so the animals try to get some mud from the bottom of Mother Earth's waters.  None of the animals can dive down far enough to gather mud to put on Turtle's back to create the land. But the dive is so deep that only Muskrat is able to try.  Muskrat dives down and gives his life. His lifeless body floats to the surface with mud clutched in his paw; this mud was placed on Turtle's back, creating the land. The birds were sent in four directions with seed, to plant the new land for the animals and for the people.              
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Mother Earth, with her felted natural wool mantleMother Earth, with her felted natural wool mantleMother Earth     Detail Detail, belly  






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