Illuminated mosaic        41" x 18" x  14.5" with  wrought iron stand     $1800    

Joy, illuminated art glass mosaicJoy, illuminated art glass mosaic, rear view on wrought iron standJoy, illuminated art glass side view on wrought iron stand
     This piece is about joy; joy of movement, joy of life,  and all that life contains that's  sweet.  That first breath of air, that first taste of mother's milk,  to the first step, that first moment of discovery, to the breathtaking joy of that first kiss, to the moment it all comes full circle,  to the birth of another life. 

   This piece  is made of a repurposed clothing hanger,  art glass from  Bullseye and Uroboros glass manufacturers and is illuminated with LED lights, for  both longevity as well as environmental concerns.  LED illumination is very cheap, and these lights last for years. This piece comes with a remote control to brighten  or dim the cool white light, to suit the ambience of the space this piece is placed in.
The back is covered in vinyl, with steel  nuts and bolts to hold it in place; the ruffle is two polyester ribbons, stitched together, washable by soft cloth.

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