Inanna of Sumer
Illuminated Glass Mosaic   39.5" x 21" x 10"   $2500

The goddess Inanna is the subject of this work, the second in a Goddess series. She is a Goddess of lust, of war, beer and bread. At the height of Her power, she was the chief goddess in the Sumerian pantheon, She who wrestled laws and civilization from the gods for Her people. Inanna was a lusty goddess, known for going to the local tavern and picking up a lusty young man to sport with. Also, Inanna's descent into the Underworld, and Her return, give to us the concept of an immortal soul. Inanna was a very important figure in the Epic of Gilgamesh. This mosaic lamp lights the way for the modern soul, as She did for the ancient humans in Sumer.

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Inanna FrontInanna BackInanna SideInanna Side
Detail, Inanna's Back

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