Illuminated Glass Mosaic   18" x 24" x 9"      $1800                  LED lighting

        This piece is a tribute to Elizabeth Tudor, a survivor if there  ever was one. She survived the reign of her brother and hardest yet, she survived the rule of her sister, Bloody Mary.   Elizabeth came close to death more than once, yet she triumphed, to rule Britian for 44 years.                                                                             
 Glorianna, a tribute to Elizabeth Tudor in illuminated art glassGlorianna, side view, of illuminated art glass tributeGlorianna, rear view, brocade back with lace ruff.
        This piece is made with art glass from Uroboros,  on a fiberglassed form, illuminated by LED lights. This piece has brocade,  natural cotton lace on her ruff,  and lace surrounding her, all sewn with 100% silk thread.
She has a remote control for her cool white lights, to allow the piece to be dimmed to  match the desired level of illumination for the environment.

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