Illuminated  glass mosaic  39.5" x  21" x 10"    Sold

The goddess Gaia is the subject of this work, the first in a Goddess series. She is a Creator Goddess, the very personification of Mother Earth. At the height of Her power, oaths that were sworn in Her name were considered to be the most binding oaths of all.There is also the Gaia theory; this postulates that all of the systems on Earth are an interlocked and subject to a global control system. Which seems kind of obvious, really.We are all connected, we all have to live here; Gaia is a light in the dark, a glowing jewel that reminds us of the beauty of our planet. From the sea we came from, to the space that we aspire to, Gaia is our home.This lovely piece of art is not just a lamp, but a glowing representation of our planet. Scroll down

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Gaia, frontGaiaGaiaGaia