Under the Blind Sun
Illuminated mosaic, cast glass        11" x 17" x  4"             Sold
   We   humans tend to think we are the center of the universe, that our concerns, our petty fights, the good and the evil, that we do, are nothing to the sun. The sun doesn't care what color we are, nor does it care what faith we have or don't have. The sun  doesn't even see us, we are inconsequential to the orb that gives us life, that can also dispense death.

Under the Blind Sun, illuminated art glass mosaic, cast glass face           Under the Blind Sun, illuminated art glass, cast glass mosaic on plexiglass
Under the Blind Sun, illuminated art glass mosaic on plexiglass
No matter what we do, no matter how important we think we are, to the sun that we travel  around, we  are not even noticable.  In fact, considering our size, in relation to that sun, we are as noticeable to that sun as microbes are to us. In fact, in the grand scheme of the universe, humans are dust motes, if that big. 
Under the Blind Sun, illuminated art glass mosaic, cast glass on plexiglass
   This piece  is created on a plexiglass substrate, with  blue-to-purple art glass from   Bullseye and Uroboros glass manufacturers and is illuminated with LED lights, for  both longevity as well as environmental concerns.   LED illumination is very energy efficient; these lights last for years. This piece comes with a remote control to brighten  or dim the cool white light, to suit the ambience of the space this piece is placed in.

The cast glass face is from recycled decorative glass, with a random pattern that cannot be replicated, and the green glass cabachons are kiln made for this piece, specifically. The piece is framed with dark stained hemlock.  The collector that purchases this piece will have a one of a kind, completely guaranteed to be unique, piece of artwork. 

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